Friday, March 15, 2013

Kingdom - Take Me (ThumbsuckR Remix)

So I want you to picture it, you’re with someone you hope to make your significant other; be it whoever for whomever you are, a beautiful girl, a beautiful guy, or hey, even an above-average looking sheep. The point is it’s come down to that moment, when you two have a lull in the activities of the evening and your stressing over what kind of music to play…
You wanna go for something that’s on the one hand weird and unique so they think you’re naturally well-cultured and have good taste; but on the other hand you want to bump something that’s still inherently digestible. Stray too far to either side and you’re probably gonna get some raised eye-brows (f.t.s. fact: it’s actually impossible to fuck while a Borgore track is playing).
So to remedy this I’ve dug up an obscure track from the S.I. producer ThumbsuckR; one of the Shaolin Squad’s more unknown weapons. It’s a Kingdom remix (whose the shit……….btw…) which basically took the original track to the farthest corners of moombah music and went all Pepe-Le-Pew-Goes-Gangsta on it. Like some nasty fusion of pure Neo-Soul and unadulterated Bass Music.
Enjoy ;)
Kingdom - Take Me (ThumbsuckR Remix)

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